Project information


‘OFFSWING’ is a research project at Uppsala University in Sweden and the University of Salford, UK, focusing on the ”soft” issues in advanced ICT offshoring from Sweden to India. The project is designed to benefit the companies concerned by giving feedback about the management of soft issues in their offshoring processes, and to benefit Swedish-Indian offshoring relations in general, by gathering and disseminating knowledge about such issues which have proven to be problematic. Furthermore, by having a gender perspective, the project aims to promote the use of the full potential of both women and men in offshoring relations.

This is a three year project funded by the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Council for Working life and Social Research. The project examines the Swedish ICT offshoring process from initiating the co-operation, negotiating contracts, communicating with Indian partners and looking into how the Swedish companies:

  • find the right persons to work with offshoring projects
  • decide the tasks and processes to offshore
  • choose the right Indian partner and
  • manage concerns among the Swedish employees.

Project goals

The project aims to examine the Indian partners in terms of how the companies:

  • handle public relations and customer relations in finding a Swedish partner
  • recruit the right people for the project and
  • motivate the employees for the project

The project examines the cooperation between the Swedish and Indian companies regarding how they:

  • initate cooperation
  • negotiate contracts
  • communicate
  • develop routines
  • transfer knowledge
  • manage cultural differences
  • manage conflicts and crises

Gender perspective

The project has a gender perspective and aims to examine the roles and contributions of men and women when researching the different issues in offshoring. It looks at how the roles of Swedish and Indian men and women may influence different processes in companies and between companies in the two countries.

Our research will be conducted through observations of cooperations and through interviews with people in different positions in Sweden and India. The project will ensure privacy, confidentiality and anonymity of all the participants in the study.