1/27/2012 8:56 AM | Minna Salminen Karlsson

Meeting with people from Mälardalen

We thought Offswing was the only Swedish project looking at offshoring from Sweden to India, but Sunrita spotted Petra Edoff at Mälardalens högskola. She and her supervisor Jayakanth Srinivasan took the trouble to visit us in Uppsala yesterday.

Petra is writing her PhD thesis about the offshoring projects of a Swedish company, to both India and China. There were many things to discuss and in general we had the same impression fo which issues are particular in offshoring from Sweden. We hope for a cooperation in the future. That would also be an interesting experiment in transdisciplinarity: We are partly interested in the same issues (though we are interested in gender and Swedishness and they are interested in transfer models in a more general sense) and partly collect the same kind of data and even use a similar analysis method, but our mental models and modes of presentation are quite different. I have been working in interdisciplinary environments since the year 2000 and have some ideas of how complicated cooperation between different disciplines can be – but how rewarding also. So, we are happy to have met them.

During this week I’vealso  been making the first telephone calls to Swedish project managers in one of our case companies to get the first information of their projects. I’m fascinated by how differently things can work even in one single company and increasingly curious about what makes some project leaders so satisfied and others so troubled with their projects. We met the Indian counterparts to some of these projects in Bangalore in December. Of course, some tentative ideas come up about manager backgrounds in both Sweden and India, about the distribution of work, about governance models and working modes and interaction patterns, but it’s important not to get too eager about them at this stage. The possibilities of physically visiting each other over the distance seem to have little correlation with the satisfaction – we have to look more into that, too.