1/31/2012 4:12 PM | Minna Salminen Karlsson

Grace hopper celebration in India now on Youtube

You who missed the Grace Hopper Celebration in India, with 1200 women working in ICT, can now watch about 60 of the sessions on Youtube (search for Grace Hopper India 2011). My favourites are all there

My favourites are the film “Women in computing, look at three generations” ( – it’s fragmented and I’d like to know a lot more of the women who are portrayed, but still, it gives bits and pieces of information of both the pleasures and the struggles of being a female ICT professional in India. The sessions “Do you have a career or a job” ( and “Challenges at workplace: breakdown or breakthrough” ( were interactive and the audience and the presentators gave examples from their personal experiences, which was quite illuminating. The session “Help I have a female boss” ( was similar, but discussing female managers – with a number of ideas which sounded exaotic sometimes for a Swedish listener.

Those were all also professionally rewarding sessions, as they helped me to understand the research issues in OFFSWING better. Personally, the most rewarding session was the keynote by Dr Sunita Maheshwari ( She was such an enthusiastic and at the same time heartfelt person, that you just left the session feeling inspired to go and change the world.

 I’m sure there are many more rewarding sessions to be seen – there were many parallels, so you can do your own excavation on Youtube and find your own pearls. If you do – let us know about them.