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The page will be maintained during the duration of the OFFSWING project, and is intended to serve as a knowledge exhange and contact creating page for those interested in the research questions of the project. We will report on our work and post our publications, but also other work and publications which are of interest. The Friends section is intended to provide a gallery of people who share our interests: with some professional information which is public, and a restricted discussion forum for those who want to join.
You are welcome to contact us for any questions and ideas.


‘OFFSWING’ is a research project at Uppsala University in Sweden and the University of Salford, UK, focusing on the ”soft” issues in advanced ICT offshoring from Sweden to India. The project is designed to benefit the companies concerned by giving feedback about the management of soft issues in their offshoring processes, and to benefit Swedish-Indian offshoring relations in general, by gathering and disseminating knowledge about such issues which have proven to be problematic. Furthermore, by having a gender perspective, the project aims to promote the use of the full potential of both women and men in offshoring relations.